Repotting - In store or at your home 
When bringing your plants to the shop for repotting, please shield them from the elements when it’s cold outside. Tropical and desert plants can easily be protected by a plastic bag or cardboard box to prevent damage. 
We make our own soil mix in store – if you book an in home repotting, we will bring our soil along with other necessary tools.  
Price of repotting will vary depending on the size and level of difficulty + the cost of soil, nursery pot and other materials
Not sure if your plant needs to be repotted? Just ask!
Pest Control
Unfortunately, pests happen. They come with the territory of owning plants and even the most seasoned plant owners have to deal with them from time to time. The key is catching the warning signs and treating the little buggers. We’ll help you treat your plants and provide you with knowledge and tips on pest prevention and how to treat future infestations.  
Plant Consultation and Check Ups
TLB provides on site consultation to assess your space and to determine what plants will thrive in your environment. Things like light exposure, humidity, temperature and design aesthetics all help us determine the ideal plants for your space. In addition to repotting, TLB can also provide some maintenance services to keep your plants in tip-top shape. Wiping leaves down, pruning, troubleshooting sad or sick plants, and providing you with care instructions are all services that we can offer so that you can keep your plants thriving all year round.
Plant Concierge/Styling
After an initial consultation, we will provide you with a proposed list of plants and pots that best suit you and your specific space.  We will order your selections into the shop for pick up, or we can deliver and set them up in your space so that all you have to do is enjoy your new plant babies! Each new plant purchased comes with a "How To Care Guide" on your newest plant(s). All of our plants are carefully selected from Ontario greenhouses.