Hi gorgeous, hey handsome, and hello flower lovers!  

Welcome to The Local Bloom online! Here goes my first stab at a blog post. Although most of it is recycled from a Friday Introduction I did on my personal Instagram in May, I have added some new (non-recycled) content to keep things FRESH!

I'm Meredith, owner of The Local Bloom, fresh flower addict, local small biz supporter,  floral forager, doggie mum, wife, and total newbie to this whole I'm my own boss thing.

Life just over a year ago was very different than it is today. I had a steady job (that I loved maybe 60% of the time), I had a house with beautiful gardens (where I loved getting my hands dirty every chance I got), and plans for a baby with my husband. Then came June and life plans got derailed – goodbye job and goodbye baby plans. Thank goodness for the support of my amazing husband (family & friends) and my gardens (where I got more than just my hands dirty to make them even more gorgeous). I remember thinking then how up in the air my future was. What was I going to do now? Should we sell the house? Move closer to my family? The fact that it was summer definitely helped... not only my sanity (I would have gone crazy in the winter), but my tan was also on point!

As much as that time was a bit unnerving, it’s quite comforting to think about how far away that time feels now. Fast forward to now... We sold our house, moved to Cobourg in March to be closer to my family (so close in fact, that I can run into my parents in the kitchen & see my sisters everyday if I want), and I’m now embarking on this fabulous new adventure! I hope you'll follow along with me and The Local Bloom.

Meredith + TLB

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